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Represent LA mural for Popkiller by Daisuke Okamoto

Daisuke Okamoto is our featured artist of the month! He recently completed a large mural in the fitting room of Pop Little Tokyo. It took over 2 weeks of overnights to complete, pretty quick if you consider the immense amount of detail involved! We sat down with Daisuke to learn a little more about him and his art. Read on below!

  1.     How’d you get started?

I just love to draw. When I was a kid I was drawing all the time with my dad, so it’s been a lifetime hobby for me.

  1.     What are your influences?

My biggest influence is my dad, actually. When I was a kid he would always draw with me, and that’s how I learned to make art. I’m also influenced by my friends. Luckily I have a lot of friends who do creative stuff and who inspire me a lot.

  1.     What medium do you enjoy working in?

I usually work with ink for intricate designs, but for murals like this, I like using acrylic and house paint. I can work with and enjoy all mediums.

  1.     Do you have a design philosophy?

I love detail and intricate work and it is a large part of my style. I try to make things as tiny as I can so every time you look at it, you’re always finding something new in my art. That entertainment is a big part of my art and style.

  1.     How has your style changed over the years?

It hasn’t really changed drastically, but I think now I can add more details compared to, say, a piece from last year. So, more detail and I think I’m getting better at working with and depicting landmarks. My skills for detailed work are definitely improving.

  1.     Where can we go to see your art?

My newest mural is here in Popkiller’s fitting room. I also have my work at The Hive Gallery in downtown, Los Angeles on Spring Street between 7th and 8th. I also have a large mural in Old Town Pasadena at Peekaboo Gallery.

  1.     Any exciting projects coming up?

Yeah actually I have a new show in Japan next February. Nathan, the owner of The Hive Gallery and I are going to Nagoya, Japan to have a group show with other The Hive Gallery artists. Nagoya has a budding art scene with many galleries and art shows, so we want to go check it out.

I also have a solo show coming up March 2019 at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1.     What are some treasures you’ve discovered during your time in LA?

I think the most treasured thing in LA for me is meeting people. In LA there are a lot of different people from different countries. It’s diverse and a very unique place to share art. There’s a lot of influence from history and cultures so it’s just so fun living here and meeting people.

  1.     What is your dream design project?

I want to do as many murals as I can. I want to do larger pieces, like entire buildings in the city. That’s my dream, to change the city with my art where people can enjoy it.

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Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA mural for Popkiller Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA Mural for Popkiller
Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA Mural for Popkiller Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA Mural for Popkiller
Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA Mural for Popkiller Daisuke Okamoto Represent LA Mural for Popkiller

Where to go to see more from Daisuke Okamoto:

Exhibition Studio:

The Hive Gallery & Studios


729 S. Spring St, Los Angeles CA 90014

*Permanent installation



Toboggan Inc.


1427 Lincoln Blvd. Ste C, Santa Monica Ca 90401



Peekaboo Gallery


40 Mills Pl, Pasadena, CA 91105



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