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Gary Ward is a local Los Angeles fine artist. He has been drawing since he was a kid but pursued a creative career as a producer in both the digital and film realm over 30 years ago. However, he never abandoned his passion or commitment to drawing, sketching and scribbling anarchic pastel strokes. His primitive approach explores language, pop culture, and the human nature. Gary Ward is a self-taught artist with a talent for combining a variety of media into his finished works. His drawings and collages can include torn images from magazines, messages, slogans, and raw charcoal and ink drawings to achieve a skewered view of life in today's media obsessed society. Ward brings a knowing element of sarcastic, biting, and sometimes funny perspective to life. 

Gary Ward Artist Portrait
Artist Statement
"I have been drawing as long as I can remember. Started out as a kid. I always used it as kind of a release. To me, it is the most immediate form of expression.  My goal is to capture a feeling at the exact moment I’m feeling it. My drawings are done pretty quickly.  I am trying to be more patient, but that doesn’t always work out. I also love to use my hands. Brushes don’t allow that. Oil stick and acrylic sticks are great. I can smear them and manipulate them however I please. It’s both physical and emotional for me." - Gary Ward