Customer Reviews


This is the cutest design. I love the artist and the sweater is so soft and comfortable."

Naoshi Pop n Roll Sweatshirt

Lina Hamudot

"Soft and unique!

I have the best conversations when I wear this Tee! Everyone seems to make comments about how awesome it is and wants to know more about it."
Totozilla Women's Tee

Johnna Spikes

"I had the pleasure of snagging this lil gem many years ago while in LA in Little Tokyo. It's funny that it reminded me of the iconic Ramones tee (which made me giggle). Little did I know this was completely [tongue-in-cheek] intentional. I have loved this shirt for years. Every time I wear it, I get 1) questions or 2) compliments. I also love the fact that I'm the ONLY person I know (on the East Coast) w/ this tee... SCORE!!!"
Ramens Classic Tee

Darren A


I bought this shirt for my dad who loves anything with LA on it and I’m actually a big fan of this designer’s art so I was happy to see the quality of the shirt and the design. The pattern is solid and not blurry at all."
Daisuke Represent LA Classic Tee



Ever since I received it in the mail, I LIVE in this shirt. From working at home to going to the grocery store to taking my dog out, I always feel comfy and cute. Can't wait for more super tee designs!"
Namida Eyes Super Tee



Pop killer has some of the best art designs for their patches. I also like how simple it is to put them onto clothes. I would definitely recommend them if your trying to go for a cool new look for your clothes."
Ska Tiger Patch

Noah Dimick


Super soft material, printed well. Easily my new go-to comfy cute attire."
Namida Eyes Sweatshirt

Agnes S.
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