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For over 10 years we have been a part of the Los Angeles design and retail community. With our own factory in the Arts District of Los Angeles, we are the only company able to offer printing, retail, wholesale, and online sales opportunities.

Since 2003, Popfactory has been building a creative community with artists and businesses to primarily produce graphic t-shirts that can be delivered for wholesale or retail.

In 2014, Popfactory officially opened it's showroom including a network of outside buyers built over ten years. This has given artists and brands exposure to a wider market and by extension, larger profit potential.

Additionally, Popfactory has two built-in retail brands, Popkiller and Pop Little Tokyo, to quickly test and place promising designs which becomes another potential source of revenue for artists.

Artist Collaborations



We work with local and Japanese artists to help get out their dreams. Through our t-shirt collaborations, we can offer places to sell artist branded products in our network of retail stores, online, or through our wholesale network from our Arts District showroom.
Artists' work can be made available through our Little Tokyo store locations, bringing increased exposure and promotional opportunities through placement in a trendy area with high foot traffic. Digitally, items can be placed on Popkiller branded online channels for further exposure and sales.
Using years of experience to our advantage, we are able to offer wholesale sales to Japan and throughout the US.


Our in house brands:

Popkiller Logo

Since 2003, Popkiller has been a Los Angeles outpost of the underground with a clever cool. Through more than 11 years, Popkiller has cultivated devoted "Popkillers" through LA and beyond. Popkiller specializes in Popkiller brand clothing produced in Popfactory's facility, high quality, in-demand vintage, accessories, gifts, and novelties, all with a decidedly edgy style and a splash of Japanese. 

Started in 2013, the Pop Little Tokyo retail brand is a natural extension of the Popkiller brand. With a focus on art and music, LP packaged tees are a big draw at the Little Tokyo retail location, just adjacent to the Los Angeles Arts District. In addition to curating and carrying sought-after local brands, Pop Little Tokyo works specifically with local artists and businesses to create t-shirts under the Popkiller label, produced by Popfactory, and sold through the Pop Little Tokyo storefront with the aim to promote promising artists to a wider audience. 



Popkiller Storefront

343 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Popkiller Retail Storefront

Popkiller Second Storefront

Pop Little Tokyo Storefront

349 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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