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Aki Ijuin
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About Aki Ijuin
Aki Ijuin is a Japanese illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Germany. Her work blends elements of vintage taisho and show era advertisements with surrealist art inspired by the likes of René Magritte, Max Ernst, as well as mid-century pop art while always retaining a distinct Japanese flavor! 

Behind the Designs

Aki Ijuin Headache Women's T-shirt
"I painted an iconic moment of Japanese summer festivals. Kakigoori (Japanese shaved ice) is the staple of summer festivals in Japan. When we eat this vigorously, we get brain freeze. Still, we end up eating Kakigoori every summer, because It's the taste of beautiful childhood memories. Kakigoori evokes such a beautiful nostalgia for most Japanese people when they eat it." -Aki Ijuin

Aki Ijuin Beach Girl Unisex T-shirt

Beach Girls

"I was inspired by a Japanese vintage pharmaceutical advertisement I saw. With the showing of internal organs I thought: sometimes we need to reveal our true feelings or true selves in order to keep our well-being. I chose the title "Beach Girls," because, to me, the beach is the best place for healing. Thus I painted the girls as beach angels, I wish they'll bring great healing to the people with all my hope." - Aki Ijuin

Aki Ijuin Graphics Self Portrait.

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