Become A Popkiller Ambassador!

Popkiller ambassador.
A Popkiller Ambassador is someone who lives for the a e s t h e t i c ! They geek out over retro anime series or can tell you all about that obscure Citypop song from 1989.
Popkiller created this ambassador program to put our marketing budget directly into the hands of our community! We want an awesome team of fans who love our Japanese and pop culture themed apparel to have access to exclusive discounts and paid modeling opportunities. We don't care about your follower count or what you look like, only that you take great photos! If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, watch our video and read over our Photo FAQ to learn more!

Popkiller photo FAQ. 1) High quality photos! Make sure your photos are clear with good lighting  and no graininess. You should be able to zoom in on the photo without the image becoming pixelated (no mirror photos please). 2) Make sure the apparel design and your face are in the photos (face masks are ok). About 80% of the design should be in the photos without too many wrinkles obscuring the print. Make sure any accessories or jewelry don't cover the artwork! 3) Photo backdrops can be anywhere as long as its clean! Photoshoot in your bedroom or go on an adventure in your Popkiller apparel! We love colorful and fun photos! 4) Square photos work best for us when  posting on socials. 5)Models must be 18+. Please no drug use or graphic violence in your photos. Do not wear multiple Popkiller items in one photo. 6) We welcome all body types and follower counts to apply! Approved photos.