The Various Moments of "Fake Brands" in Anime

The Various Moments of "Fake Brands" in Anime
Advertisement; no matter what you do you’ll always run into some sort of it. Product placement or using a brand's logo in creative work can be rather costly at times, so animators have, for years, been clever about creating similar brands to display in their work. If you’ve watched your fair share of anime you’ve probably run into the weird, funny, and even clever brand names they’ve created. We went ahead and gathered some of our favorites to share with you.

Everyone loves a good convenience store, and 7-11 is the standard for most. Fun fact, despite being ubiquitous in the US, 7-11 is a subsidiary of a Japanese conglomerate! In anime tho, it transforms and becomes a variety of names…

“Open 8 days a week!” (@^◡^) 
8-11” Haikyuu!! Jump Festa 2014 Special OVA


This one here is a mix of 7-11 and Family Mart. That could explain why they went with SevenSON as the name….
“Sevenson, I heard it is run by a single-family and their seven sons” (¬‿¬ )

Everyone loves a good gaming console! Especially a well-made, beautiful handheld one. For example, the Sony PSP, or as animators would have you believe SOMY POP! (●♡∀♡)

“SOMY POP” Haikyuu!! Jump Festa 2014 Special OVA

“PASTA” Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 6

What a cruel world it is where one anime cannot reference another anime. Whether it was done for parody reasons or legal ones the animators of Umaru-chan decided to rename the classic “Death Note” Manga/Anime “Dashi Note” (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

“Dashi Note” Himouto! Umaru-chan R Ep 2

The next few I wanna rapid-fire through all come from the Umaru-chan, which makes sense as most of them are food items; and if you’re familiar with the series you know our little gremlin enjoys herself a wealth of snacks!

If you’re a weeb of any kind, you know “CUP NOODLES.” It’s cheap, easy to make, and allows you to save money to stock up on figures, TCGs, and Manga (we stream everything now, so goodbye DVDs, and Blu-rays!) ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

“CUPMEN” Himouto! Umaru-chan R Ep 1
Don’t forget that after your CUPMEN dinner you can snack on some Bringles and Pokee 

( o^ ^o)且 且(´ω`*)


I love this next one. It seems the majority of Japan does not like root beer, so imagine how hard it is to sell your soda if you're A&W! Bad enough that your soda is being called “Masochist Cider” in anime! It seems the smell and taste of root beer remind the people of Japan of medicine and thus, possibly reminding them of the memories of being sick. 

I actually don’t remember where this scene is from so apologies to those of you tracking down the episodes and series! (シ_ _)シ

“Masochist Cider” 

To wrap it up, I would like to focus on one of, if not, THE MOST popular brands that are “advertised” in anime: McDonald's. The Longstanding golden arches are shown in multiple Anime, Manga, webtoons and so much more, but my favorite part is that most animators/artists have decided as a collective to call it “WcDonald’s”. Below I present to you a few images of great WcDonald’s….
 Whether it's a Slice of Life anime or an intense Mecha one, you’ll always be able to find a WcDonald’s. If you really enjoy seeing brands going crazy in anime I recommend watching the series Tiger & Bunny. It's a show about superheroes who get brand sponsorships and have to slap brand logos onto their outfits! They announced a new season as well so it’s the perfect time to catch up! (^_<)〜☆
Tiger & Bunny


P.s. we are not affiliated with these animes or brands in any way. We just think these fake brands are hilarious

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