"New Retro" Artist, Mizucat!

"New Retro" Artist, Mizucat!

The 80s, Vaporwave, Memphis style, and cute anime girls are just one way of describing the art that is Mizucat. Mizucat is a self-taught artist who is based out of Germany. Her love for art started at an early age and has developed into the amazing talent we see today. Inspired by the 80s and 90s aesthetic, Mizucat puts together an array of art pieces that showcase an 80s/90s anime style. 

But, it isn’t just Anime and the 80s-90s that Mizucat loves. She has shown a great interest in music such as Synthpop, Italo Disco, and Future Funk, which has led her to work with some talented musicians to create their album art. Her work isn’t confined only to digital work, she creates vinyl art and even created a cover for the soundtrack of an indie game called “Paradise Killer”.   


Mizucat doesn’t just stop there, she has a fondness for retro gaming consoles and she has even started her own modding business. She takes classic and retro consoles and modifies the cases and designs to fit the things she loves, just like her art. You can find her mods on her Etsy or check out her Instagram @mizucatofficial. In an interview with Vapor95, she states that her first-ever gaming console was a Gameboy with Pokemon Gold game and she loved it, and it is still a huge favorite of hers. You have to be quick as these cool mods sell out fast! You can also see some of her mod art on Retro Modding

In her interview with Vapor95, she says that the love for custom consoles started with simple restoration and spray paints, but has developed into the things we are seeing today…

"If I have the possibility to give old mistreated systems a second chance, I should make the funkiest things out of them". So I bought a few spray cans in some nice '80s and '90s colors and created some designs that came out pretty cool and people loved it! That motivated me and kept me coming up with new designs and ideas. And now here I am for sure I tried to keep it all in the Mizucat style.” -Mizucat via Vapor95

One of Mizucat's other true loves is cars, especially her Honda Prelude 2.0 EX (BA4) Sound Edition from 1989 which she has taken to meet ups and conventions. You can see her love of cars in her artwork as well. Quite the car enthusiast, Mizucat has decided to keep her car mod-free which allows her to have a cool historic license plate in Germany. 


We had the pleasure and privilege of doing a small Q&A with Mizucat for your reading pleasure; check it out below… 

Q: What is your favorite medium to work in?

A: Even though I started with traditional Art, I prefer digital as it gives you endless possibilities. Especially With Colors!

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My Art is heavily inspired by 80/90s Anime Art. But With a touch of Memphis. I would call my style ”New Retro“!

Q: What inspires you?

A: Mainly 80s Anime obviously, but there’s a lot of things from the 80s that inspire me. Music, Fashion, Ads, Cars, and the Memphis Style.

Q: Besides art/drawing are there any other hobbies you enjoy?

A: I have played the Piano Since I was 3 and still enjoy it whenever I got the time. I also made some Music in the past. Besides that, I love fixing/soldering old electronics and I love to go thrifting!

 For those of you who made it to this part of the article, thank you for reading and supporting independent artists like Mizucat! If you want to keep up with Mizucat you can check the links to her socials and website below. You can also check out the variety of her artwork that we carry over at our Mizucat Collection. If you’re feeling lucky or just want to support Mizucat and us check out our Instagram where we are hosting a giveaway of some of Mizucat apparel!


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