Born and raised in Japan, Daisuke started his art journey at the early age of 5 thanks to the encouragement of his father. He now takes that passion he has been fostering since an early age and uses an “intricate style of penmanship” to create his work. Now living and working in LA; he recently landed a great opportunity to work with Microsoft and their new Surface Pro 8 which took his work into the digital world. He was even heavily featured in their commercial which you can see here (below) and also created a mural for them at the Microsoft Lounge Space in Culver City

Daisuke at the Microsoft Lounge
Daisuke (right) at the Microsoft Lounge

With his artistic brand, OKAINA IMAGE, Daisuke creates unique artworks that focus on the cycle of life. He takes hundreds of pen strokes and lines to create transformative art that brings out a vibrant, otherworldly design. One of his more popular projects is the “Art of National Flags” Creating line art of flags and incorporating images and things that relate to that flag's nation. 

Watch Daisuke create one of his Flag arts

He has also recently shared some black canvas and white ink art styling that look absolutely stunning. It is the same style he used in collaboration with arctongtoys to create a line of custom “Toy arts”.


It’s been amazing to see Daisuke's art and success grow. From collaborating with toymakers, having his designs featured on t-shirts, and being recognized and featured in the most recent Microsoft major campaign! In December 2021 he received a Finalist Award from ARTAVITA for the “49th International ARTAVITA online art contest 2021". 


We can't wait to see what else 2022 has in store for Daisuke. If you wish to see more of his work you can always check our collection of his apparel here. You can also check out the hand drawn mural he made for us here or watch the video below. 

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