We had this whole cute series planned for y'all about exploring Little Tokyo but, things don't always go as planned! Don't worry, we'll still share our travel tips in Little Tokyo at a later date once things have stabilized again. We want to help everyone stay safe while we help to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. If you're not sure what that means here is a great article on why it is so important. 
We're switching gears and tell you how to have the best staycation ever!!! We know we know, Animal Crossing is here but if your hand starts cramping up we've got options for you. We gotta say we're experts in lounging. So kick back, grab some tea, and read on!

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Creative Outlets
We partner with so many talented artists who are all about that DIY life! Here's some crafty fun they've cooked up for you to keep your brain creatively fulfilled.

Mizna Wada DIY
Our artist Mizna Wada has a whole blog dedicated to at-home crafting! With a spooky edge, these aren't your Grandma's paper dolls. She's got paper garlands, wearables, birthday cards and more! All of these can be printed free from home and created with minimal supplies. Create that creepy cute vibe for your home all year round. 

Mizna Wada oni horns craft.

Naoshi Sunae (sand art) kits
You may have seen Naoshi's sand kits if you've ever visited our store in person. These kits are a great way to create something truly unique that you'll have forever. Sand art ain't just for kids! At only $10 a pop, these kits will help an artist stay afloat as events get canceled and keep your mind sharp! Naoshi's artwork is so cute and whimsical you'll be able to take your mind off outside troubles for a moment.
Naoshi Sunae sand art kit.

This site has endless possibilities for creating. No really, you can learn how to make almost anything. From recipes for red velvet cake pancakes, needle felting, making your own eco-friendly cleaning supplies, how to do the perfect nail manicure... the list goes on and on! Its basically like going to college for free.
Instructables website logo.Listen up!
What will you listen to while you learn origami? We've got that covered too. Here are the podcasts our team listens to when we want to get out of our own headspace.

Funny Podcasts

Judge John Hodgeman
A light-hearted comedy podcast that pits two people against each other in fake internet court. Most of the arguments are hilariously petty. The way comedian John Hodgeman passes judgment on these cases is surprisingly fair and well thought out. He has the ability to find the real root of the issue in a sincere and heartwarming way. 

Judge John Hodgman logo.
Can you believe there are people out there who haven't read Harry Potter? Welcome to Potterless. The host sits down with Harry Potter fanatics to make wildly inaccurate predictions and poke fun at plotholes as he reads through the books for the first time. It's a fun show for people who love the books intensely or for folks who have never read them before. Re-discover your childhood magic with a dose of reality! 

Poterless podcast logo.

Ask a Martian Podcast
Love wild and wacky fashion? Want to learn how to wear almost anything with confidence? This podcast is hosted by a stylist couple who are experts in avant-garde looks. They'll tell you all of their best thrifting and flea market techniques while sincerely answering questions from listeners. They don't sleep on men's fashion either. Listen to this podcast and you'll be wearing 10 different patterns, colors, and layers in no time!

Ask a Martian podcast logo.

True Crime Podcasts

Scam Goddess
A podcast that's for those who love the intrigue and thrill of crime stories without all the murder. This podcast is just pure fun! Host Laci Mosely takes you on a hilarious journey through famous historical charlatans, modern scammers, and everyday scams you should look out for. Her episodes always feature another comedian so you'll get a double dose of hilarity!

Scam Goddess podcast logo.

This podcast will leave even the most hardened true-crime listener stunned. Cold takes a deep dive into the 2009 case of the disappearance of Susan Powell. It includes never before heard details from people closely involved with the case. Expertly produced and researched, this gut-wrenching case will send a chill down your spine.
Cold podcast logo

My Favorite Murder
The most popular true-crime podcast out there, with 19 million monthly downloads. This show has garnered millions of fans who lovingly call themselves "Murderinos." Listening to tragedies somehow has the ability to calm anxiety for a lot of people. You can take your mind off your own troubles for a while and focus on a problem outside of your life. Each episode they recount a gruesome tale of murder with a hefty dose of comedy. Both hosts strive to emphasize compassion for both the victims and perpetrators of the crimes they discuss.

My Favorite Murder podcast logo.

Gamer Goals
So maybe you couldn't get your hands on Animal Crossing :( Don't worry, there are plenty of other games in the sea! Here are some top recommendations from our trusty Popkiller team. Best of all, these games are FREE to play! 

Yume Nikki
This surreal adventure game is perfect for the current stay at home state of the world. In the game, you explore the mysterious dreamworlds of a hikikomori  (shut-in) named Madotsuki. There are no battles, level-ups, or quests. The main goal is to explore the world and discover secrets.

Doki Doki Literature Club
An infamous game we just had to include on this list. Appearing to be a lighthearted Japanese dating simulator this game definitely takes some twists and turns. It has all the cute waifus and school settings you'd expect from this genre. We don't want to say much more and give the plot away so we'll just say this: mature content warning, this game deals with dark themes. 

Kyle is Famous
A simple text-based choose your own adventure game where you help the character named Kyle prepare for his most important interview yet! There are many choices and branching paths to take, all equally hilarious. What will Kyle wear for the day, what will he eat, where will he go? The choice is yours! This game is meant to be replayed again and again.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders!
We know, we know another dating sim? Trust us, this one is much more lighthearted than the one mentioned above. That's right, Kentucky Fried Chicken has released a dating simulator. This sort of thing was bound to happen as brands become more and more sentient online. Lucky for us, this game is actually good and hilarious. You can tell whoever worked on this game really knows the genre and has a lot of fun playing with tropes. A Japanese style dating sim actually makes a lot of sense as KFC is wildly popular in Japan.

Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion
Can you survive 1000 rooms in Spooky's mansion? Not for the faint of heart. This game starts off very cute but soon you'll be running as fast as you can without looking back. You play as a history buff who is interested in the mansion at the top of the hill that no one seems to know anything about. If you're a horror enthusiast this game covers all of the monster types. Turn off the lights and put on your headphones for the full effect.

At Home Cookin'
What better way to brush up on your cooking skills than during a quarantine?

Cooking With Dog
"It's not what you think" is the catchphrase used by this delightful youtube cooking series. The show features a woman known only as "Chef" who prepares dishes while her pet toy poodle "Francis" sits by and narrates the process. It's incredibly calm and easy to follow along. Francis sadly passed away in 2016 but his adorableness lives on in past Cooking with Dog episodes! Francis is a very good boi.


Binge Watch
If you don't pay for any streaming services there are still plenty of great options! 

Tubi TV
You read that right. Tubi is a completely free, completely legal movie and tv streaming service! This ain't just trash tv either. Tubi has a wide variety of acclaimed movies and tv. They've got a ton of anime classics too including Cowboy Bebop, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Ghost in the Shell. It's one of the better free anime services we've seen. You'll only have to put up with minimal ads so dive in!

Midnight Pulp
Are you, yourself strange and unusual (props if you got the reference)? Midnight pulp offers up some truly strange choices. They've got tons of hard to find Asian movies and B horror movies. With movie collections like "So bad, its good" and "The Wu-Tang Collection" you'll have an easy time going down the rabbit hole of cult-favorite cinema. You won't be bothered by any ads either. Browsing the selection feels like attending a midnight movie screening in the best way!

Midnight Pulp Movie Service.
What are some of the fun things you're up to during this quarantine? Let us know in the comments! Stay home and stay safe! 

The Popkiller Team
☆⌒d(*^ー゚)b グッ!!

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